6 reasons to LOVE promotional gifts and lots of reasons to LOVE using Jigsaw to supply these to you...

Promotional gifts are the perfect way to solidify your brand and to encourage customers to keep coming back!


There are thousands of options available nowadays, and it’s easy to find something that matches your company or branding. From traditional things, like pens, mugs and USB’s, to the unusual and the quirky, like selfie sticks or rubik cubes, there’s something for everyone.


We think it’s actually hard not to find something appropriate to give away as promogifts to suit any campaign! Anyway, if our vast online catalogue doesn’t entice you enough, here are 6 good reasons to find out what we can do for you.


1)    Stand out from the crowd. In todays crowded business marketplace, it’s imperative to really stand out and make your brand memorable. You might be the best, or have excellent customer service, but without something that makes your business easy to remember and accessible, none of the former matters.


2)   Make your brand last. People will use branded products in their day to day life - in your average office, there’s always something that’s got a branded message on it - making it a useful way to drive your message much clearer than say, direct mail or online advertising.


3)   Be generous and it will always come back to you! People love a freebie, it’s a fact of life. So, including promotional products in your marketing plan as gifts to your customers can only be a good thing. Customers love feeling special and they will remember your brand a lot more because of it.


4)   Send your message. The usefulness of a branded promotional product reflects highly on your business - whenever someone uses it, or sees it, your message is carried over to that person repeatedly. Consider what message you want to send to your customers, and your gifts could speak very loudly!


5)   There’s something for every budget, from low cost items like pens and keryings, to the ever popular techno items such as selfie sticks and powerbanks. Our selection accommodates any budget.


6)   Getting creative! Think of interesting and memorable ways to incorporate a promotional gift into your marketing plan. Security? Think padlocks and flashlights. Adventure? Backpacks or a camouflage T-shirt.


All the info you need is right here on our website. Shopping online can sometimes be daunting, but not with us!  With our easy to use website and excellent customer care here are some reasons to use Jigsaw Creative…


We’re not a faceless website, we are real people here to handle all the hard stuff! From concept to delivery we will take you through each step.  We love to be challenged, so, just give us a call today and let us come up with the ideas that will best work for you.  We will even supply you free visuals of exactly how the products will look with your branding!